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It’s the New Adventures of the Galactic Star Force Power Squad!

After a twelve-year hiatus, Galactic is back. Partially inspired by Star Wars episodes I to III, this first episode is the start of a prequel series of a proposed six episodes that leads to the one recorded in 1993.

Join Brett Nabors and Lee Stormwalker in their Star Force vessel XPLOR after they emerge from a black hole and soon run out of gas. There’s a spaceport just a kilometer away. How will they get there? Download the episode and find out!

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Proudly featured on Star Wars FanWorks and Planetfandom

Michael McGraw skillfully brings the needed depth to Brett Nabors

Adam Campbell as the voice of Lee Stormwalker

Adam performs like a space hero into the mic

Mild-mannered Mike McGraw becomes Brett Nabors

Adam Campbell at Protools records the session.

Writer/director/producer Allen J. Singer:  "A little slower this time.  More feeling!"